Data Monitoring

Automatic metric monitoring

Turn any SQL query into a smart alert in one click

points monitoringpoints monitoring
SQL Interface

Create alerts easily

Turn any SQL query into an alert

ML MOdel

We learn how your data works

Our model adapts to the seasonality and trend pattern in your data to construct dynamic thresholds


Get only meaningful alerts

Adjust sensitivity of anomaly detection or add custom thresholds to achive best signal to noise ratio

points Configurationpoints Configuration
Alert channels

Get notified through convenient channels

Subscribe to alerts through Slack, Email, PagerDuty or custom webhooks

Automate Data Monitoring

Don’t let incidents take you by suprise

Datafold watches your data & metrics so that you can focus on advancing the business

Easy setup

Create alert from any SQL query

Works with any SQL database

Intuitive configuration

Enterprise ready

Deployment in <30 min

Integrates with SSO providers

Security & Privacy compliant

Immediate Impact

Never miss major incidents

Focus on creative tasks

Increase team velocity


Missing puzzle in your data stack

Datafold seamlessly plugs in all major SQL data warehouses and ETL tools