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Proactive Data Testing with Datafold Cloud

Ready to see how data engineers are leveling-up their data quality testing workflow with data diffing and Datafold Cloud? In this live event, our data engineering experts will walk through how Datafold is enabling powerful data diffing—the only way to test data in a way that visualizes and quantifies the difference between any two tables in your database.
During this 45 minutes interactive and introductory session, we’ll provide a quick refresher on open source data-diff and then jump into the Datafold Cloud offering. Our team of presenters will highlight how Datafold Cloud’s Data Diffing features and column-level lineage can support your data team with proactive data testing across:
  • Development Testing: Develop dbt models faster by diffing as you code
  • Deployment Testing: Prevent bad dbt deploys with automated testing in the CI
  • Migration and Replication Testing: Validate tables across databases at scale.

What to expect:

  • A refresher on the open source data-diff
  • An in-depth look at Datafold Cloud’s robust data diff, CI integration, and column-level lineage features
  • Use cases for how Datafold Cloud can support, automate, and speed up your team's development speed
  • A Q+A session at the end to get all your pressing questions answered
Thursday, December 7
10:00am PST / 1:00pm EST

Meet our presenters

Data Engineer at Datafold
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Solutions Engineer at Datafold
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Solutions Architect at Datafold
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Have questions you want answered?

Feel free to post in the #tools-datafold channel in the dbt Community slack and tag the question with #DatafoldCloudDemo hashtag if you have any specific questions you want answered during the demo.
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Virtual Hands-on Labs

A virtual community for data practitioners to engage in office hours with Datafold Solutions & Data Engineers
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Running dbt at scale

In our next meetup, we will discuss the best practices and challenges of running dbt at scale, including:
How to navigate speed/data quality/compliance risks and trade-offs
How to establish and scale great developer workflow
Best practices for documentation, knowledge sharing and onboarding
How to scale dbt beyond the data team in a large organization
and more! Join us to learn from and share your experience with the leading data teams and practitioners.
May 11, 2023
9:00 am pst

Speakers and Panelists

Senior Data/Analytics Engineer
Senior Manager of Analytics
Senior Product Manager
Tech Lead Data Engineering
Data Modelling
Analytics Engineering Manager
Solutions Architect
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