datafold foR data migration

Migrate Your Data Faster Without Compromising Data Quality

Data Profiler & Lineage

Prioritize datasets and pipelines for migration


Migrate elements of your data to the new system

Data Diff

Validate the migration by instantly comparing data produced in the old vs. new systems.

DATA migration doesn't have to be hard

Don't get stuck with other people's infra mistakes

Streamline your migration project and build the modern data stack your organization needs. Accelerate migrations to new data warehouses and ELT frameworks.

ÔÇťIt gives me the confidence that my code does what I expect it to do."
Josh Devlin, Analytics Engineer
Column-level lineage

Know the source and usage of every data element

Whether you have hundreds or thousands of tables or columns, Datafold makes it easy to check which data needs to move versus what can be deprecated. Bring only the highest quality data into your new data stack.

"As a product owner, I can understand how the rest of the company makes decisions based on the data we produce. It brings data confidence and visibility to the company."
Maura Church, Director of Data Science
Data diff

Validate the correctness of migration and analyze the discrepancies

For every table and column, Data Diff instantly identifies differences between the old and new environments helping you to quickly fix discrepancies and to prove the correctness to your stakeholders.

ÔÇťThe tool is super easy to use and does a great job highlighting exactly where there are differences in your data in a digestible way."
Zachary Baustein, Lead Data Analyst
Get to 100% coverage across your data testing today