Datafold Case Studies

See how Datafold is used by leading data-driven organizations

How Rocket Money achieved SOX compliance with zero deficiencies with Datafold

Amber Oar
Staff Analytics Engineer

"We needed a product that would easily allow [the accounting team] to see the differences between the development environment and production, and be able to sign off that that changes what they expect...Datafold allows us to do this."

How Petal leveraged Datafold to transform its data quality practices

Eleonore Yildizhan
Head of Analytics

"We introduced Datafold initially thinking it would help fasten QA for Analytics and Data Infrastructure, and realized it was enabling many other teams to iterate faster and more accurately, including our Data Science and whole Engineering team. We plugged in Datafold in most of our development processes, as well as using it as the key tool to make sure all the data we receive is constant over time, which is a key requirement for a financial institution."

Pushing through the frontier with automated CI: How FINN scaled developer growth 10x with Datafold

Jorrit Posor
Data Engineering Tech Lead

"There is some sort of fear, if you have a lot of [dbt] models, to break something that you’re not aware of. Datafold makes this ‘fear to merge’ completely go away, because you can check the downstream dependencies for issues."

Trainual eliminates wasted time with Datafold Cloud

Norm Warren
Senior Data Engineer

"I typically had to schedule one to two weeks of testing without Datafold Cloud, that is manual ad-hoc queries to check counts, null values, primary keys between dev and production. I was at a breaking point with how much wasted time and energy this was causing. I’m glad we got Datafold Cloud just in time!"

Rocket Money exceeds data accuracy KPIs through consistent proactive data testing with Datafold

Gilbert Watson
Senior Data Scientist

"Datafold encourages good behavior. We value moving fast over doing things absolutely perfectly the first time. So we would just not do the right thing. Datafold helps us do the right thing."

Patreon reduces data incidents and expands data democratization with Datafold

Maura Church
Maura Church

"Datafold's column-level lineage gives confidence in the whole system. If my stakeholders ask “why is this dashboard out of date?” I can answer in 25 seconds instead of digging through pull requests for hours. As a product owner, I can understand how the rest of the company makes decisions based on the data we produce. It brings data confidence and visibility to the company."

Dutchie eliminates data outages and improves data confidence with Datafold

David Wallace
Data Engineer

"Datafold's Data Diff is the missing piece of the puzzle for data quality assurance. When I first heard about Datafold, all I could think was “Finally!” - it’s an unspoken problem that we all know about and no one wants to talk about. Datafold gives us full confidence when we ship changes into production, which historically I couldn’t say about PRs."

Nutrafol's data team saves 100+ hours per month reviewing dbt code changes while increasing trust in data

Callie Davis
Vice President of Customer Data & Insights

"Datafold’s Data Diff is great for scaling the PR review process. It creates consistency across every data engineer - instead of each person having their own ideas about how to evaluate a PR, this makes sure every PR is evaluated in the same capacity."

Thumbtack leverages Datafold to save hundreds of hours and improve data quality peace of mind

John Lee
Director, Product Analytics

"You can see right off the bat whether your data quality is what you were expecting, and reviewers can see it, too. Now we’re at the rate where we’re automating code reviews, or close to it, on 100 pull requests per month. And this is just the start."

Faire migrated from Redshift to Snowflake 6 months faster using Datafold’s Data Diff feature

Jon Medwig
Staff Data Engineer

"We front loaded the validation to be on the model level, when those things are reliable, everything downstream becomes trustworthy. This made it much easier to debug if a report looks weird. It means that the problem is most certainly on the Mode side or in the code generating the report instead of the datasets."

Snapcommerce accelerated QA process for updating critical dbt models from 4 to 1 day

Jonathan Talmi
Senior Data Platform Manager

"Datafold is like a booster shot... you get extra protection and security when you make changes."

Nextbite delivers data to customers with confidence using Hightouch and Datafold

Ross Sevren
Director of Data Engineering at Nextbite

"With Datafold, we're not just adding trust to our Snowflake instance, we're adding trust to our most important data that is getting activated via Hightouch. Data that's directly driving decisions, sending emails, and interfacing with our customers."

Eventbrite saved hours validating each model during their migration from Presto to Snowflake using Datafold

Adam Underwood
Staff Analytics Engineer at Eventbrite

"We have great analysts across the technical spectrum which was one of the reasons we looked into Datafold. We want to give our analysts the ability to make their own dbt transformations. Datafold allows real visibility into data changes before the changes are live, reducing mistakes and enabling our analysts and stakeholders to feel confident in their changes."