testing for
data engineers

At every stage of your data workflow — from migration to deployment — uncover data quality issues before they happen through data diffing, column-level lineage, and CI testing.

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20+ orchestrator, database, & BI tool integrations

Loved by data teams who don’t compromise on data quality


Quickly check for differences between any two tables

Whether you’re updating a simple dbt model, or undergoing a large migration, know exactly how your data differs between two environments.


Deploy data pipelines with confidence

Datafold adds a comment in the pull request stating exactly how your code change will impact production data if merged.


Create visibility & stakeholder trust

Easily share impact analysis, data diff reports, and column-level lineage with stakeholders before deploying transformation code changes to production.


Datafold Cloud supports SaaS and dedicated cloud deployment options


Datafold scales to millions of tables, billions of columns and trillions of records


Datafold Cloud is HIPAA, GPDR, and SOC 2 Type II compliant


Get dedicated support from our team of expert data engineers

Deploy & scale securely

When you run your data quality tests in Datafold Cloud’s secure and compliant environment, your team can focus on what really matters: providing high quality analytics to your organization and customers.

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How Datafold is accelerating the way data teams work

Develop faster

without breaking data

Automated testing for data engineers

Don’t wait for stakeholders, monitoring tools, and customers to tell you about broken data.
Adopt a workflow that makes data quality issues a thing of the past.

Trusted by leading data teams, including

Automate proactive testing for all data transformations

Supercharge your


with seamless dbt Cloud and Core integrations

See how every code change impacts data

Know exactly what will happen to data and data applications once the code is deployed, right in the pull request. Identify breaking changes, sudden metric shifts and edge cases before they do any damage to the business.


data accuracy & quality KPI achievement


faster testing and code review


of code changes tested before merging to production
“Datafold helps you find the hidden changes you didn't know you made to your data, helping you if they’re unintended or understanding what's causing them.”
Zachary Baustein
Lead Product Analyst

Make SQL code reviews a breeze

Stop guessing what this regex does or arguing if that CASE WHEN statement has correct logic. No more custom scripts and audit spreadsheets to fill.


hours saved per month


increase in productivity


pull requests automatically tested per month
"You can see right off the bat whether your data quality is what you were expecting, and reviewers can see it, too. Now we’re at the rate where we’re automating code reviews, or close to it, on 100 pull requests per month. And this is just the start.”
John Lee
Director, Product Analytics

Create visibility & stakeholder trust

Stop surprising your data users with unexpected metric changes and broken dashboards. Easily share impact reports with everyone and give heads up before deploying the changes to production.


pull requests checked by Datafold


total operations by Hightouch


Data Quality issues in Production
"With Datafold, we're not just adding trust to our Snowflake instance, we're adding trust to our most important data that is getting activated via Hightouch."
Ross Sevren
Director of Data Engineering

More building, less toil

Manual data testing is hard, tedious, and error-prone. Focus on what matters and not on writing boilerplate tests, custom scripts and filling out audit spreadsheets.


payment-related data incidents


reduction in QA time, at a higher level of accuracy


data confidence
“Datafold gives you the ability to QA things in a way that you could almost never do on your own. It’s like a booster get extra protection and security when you make changes.”
Jonathan Talmi
Senior Data Platform Manager

Empower anyone to develop data

With full visibility into every change, everyone, not just data team, can  contribute, because testing and reviewing code is so easy!


hours saved during the validation process for each new model


models rebuilt and validated in Snowflake


data team hours will have been saved once the migration is complete
"Datafold allows real visibility into data changes before the changes are live, reducing mistakes and enabling our analysts and stakeholders to feel confident in their changes."
Adam Underwood
Staff Analytics Engineer

Integrates with the modern data stack

Integrations with the most used databases

Deploy and scale securely


Datafold scales to millions of tables, billions of columns and trillions of records


Meeting the highest standards for data security and privacy protection

VPC Deployment

Deploy Datafold automatically and securely in your AWS or GCP account


Get dedicated support from our team of expert data engineers