Deal with data quality in your pull request

Datafold is a data quality platform with diffs, column-level lineage, alerts, and more.
No more broken pipelines, models, or dashboards.

Trusted by leading data teams

Verify data across different databases

Find exactly where mismatches are across databases at scale. Verify 25M+ rows in <10s, and 1B+ rows in ~5min.

Open source data-diff solution on github from Datafold

Prevent issues from getting into production

Get the row level impact of changes you’re making to your dbt models within your workflow – all without needing to write any SQL tests.

Column-Level Lineage

See how data flows through models

Navigate a column-level lineage graph of your data built for you automatically from the bottom up using the SQL logs of a database.

Impact Reports

Share insights on your model changes

Make it easy for Data, Marketing and Finance teams to review changes before merging to production with in-depth reports.


Continue tracking data quality in production

Turns SQL queries into smart alerts. Use the sensitivity controls to adjust for the optimal signal-to-noise ratio.

Built for Analytics Engineers

Integrations with the entire modern data stack

Trusted by high-growth data teams

"Datafold makes it a lot easier to understand the impact of your change on downstream data. The tool is super easy to use and does a great job highlighting exactly where there are differences in your data in a digestible way."
Zachary Baustein
Lead Data Analyst
“Datafold's column-level lineage gives confidence in the whole system. If my stakeholders ask “why is this dashboard out of date?” I can answer in 25 seconds instead of digging through pull requests for hours. As a product owner, I can understand how the rest of the company makes decisions based on the data we produce. It brings data confidence and visibility to the company.”
Maura Church
Director of Data Science
“When everything is correct, Datafold clearly saves time on testing; but when something is wrong or there’s an error, it saves unimaginable amounts of time that would go into finding and fixing bad data.”
Ezgi Ozcan
Product Analyst
"While Datafold is still young and the tool is in its early stage, the foundation of the business is super sound. The core platform is so valuable. Datafold is solving a problem that no one else is trying to solve."
David Wallace
Sr. Data Engineer
"Datafold is a game-changer— there is so much value in actually understanding the effect of your pull request. It gives me the confidence that my code does what I expect it to do."
Josh Devlin
Analytics Engineer

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