Quality assurance & monitoring for analytical data

Datafold simplifies data QA by enabling instant table comparison and profiling
...and more!

Compare tables

  • across databases
  • in a database

Instantly validate

  • ETL code changes
  • Data transfers

Automate data QA

Integrate Datafold with your CI/CD or Airflow to make code reviews fast & effective and prevent bad data reaching production


Data Developer

  • Eliminate toil work
  • Automate QA
  • Deploy with confidence

Data Team Manager

  • Increase team velocity
  • Simplify code reviews
  • Eliminate data incidents
"Datafold compares tables thoroughly within seconds, even at a billion-row scale. Without it, we would need to spend hours writing long SQL scripts to verify our ETL migrations to Airflow."
Erik B., Data Engineer at

Scales with your data

  • Works with billion-row tables
  • Volume-neutral pricing

Enterprise ready

  • SSO
  • Security compliance
  • Private cloud deployment