datafold Integrations

Automated Testing for Analytics Engineers

Get full test coverage across all your dbt models. See how SQL updates effect tables, columns, rows, and dashboards before merging to production.

Trusted by leading data teams, including

“The integration between dbt and Datafold is a game-changer. There is so much value in actually understanding the effect of your pull request. It's easy to set up, and it gives me the confidence that my dbt code does what I expect it to do.”

Josh Devlin, Analytics Engineer

Understand the Impact of Your Changes

Get a detailed impact analysis on every dbt pull request. Instantly see how the code change affects the produced data in the current model and in its downstream dependencies using Datafold's Data Diff and column-level lineage.

Integrate in 1-click with
dbt Cloud

Jump into Datafold with dbt using a native integration with dbt Cloud. Running a self-hosted dbt installation? Datafold's Python SDK makes implementing regression testing in your CI/CD pipeline just as seamless.

Elevate Your dbt Experience with Datafold

Column-level Lineage for dbt

See dependencies at the field level throughout all your dbt models and beyond. Understand how all your data is connected.

Extend dbt Testing

Make change management a breeze. Understand the impact of every change on the data in the modified model, downstream models and BI reports.

Explore your dbt models

Navigate a unified data catalog with full text search, automatic data profiling and automatic import from dbt docs.

“Have been using Datafold fairly extensively and it has been an extraordinary help. It makes it a lot easier to understand the impact of your change on downstream data – have found it to be particularly helpful with understanding changes to reporting tables.

The tool is super easy to use and does a great job highlighting exactly where there are differences in your data in a digestible way.”

Zachary Baustein, Lead Product Analyst