Easily Diff Data Across Databases

Data-diff is an open-source command-line tool and Python library to efficiently diff rows across two different databases.

Datafold DataDiff Open Source illustration

See it in action


rows in <10s


rows in ~2min

Billion Row Cross Databases Diffing In Minutes

Check that data gets from A to B

Whenever you replicate data from one database to another, you can now verify they actually match. This makes migrations less error prone and pipelining data more robust.

Datafold DataDiff Open Source illustration

Get detailed differences, fast

See exactly which rows don't match, and get high level statistics about differences within seconds.

Datafold extends data-diff

With column level lineage you can see the impact of inconsistent data on downstream models and dashboards. You can also use Data Diff to automate regression testing in transformation change management.

Datafold DataDiff Open Source illustration

Get started diffing data

$ pip install data-diff


And you’re ready to start comparing data across databases. Check out the documentation for a guide to setting up.

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