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We empower data teams to build reliable data products faster

At Datafold, we build tools for data practitioners to automate the most error-prone and time-consuming parts of the data engineering workflow: testing data to guarantee its quality. While data quality (just like software quality) is a complex and multifaceted problem, we draw from decades of our team’s combined experience in the data domain to build opinionated tools our users love. Specifically, we believe that:

Data quality is a byproduct of a great data engineering workflow

That means, rather than building yet-another-app for data practitioners to switch to and from, we insert our tools in the existing workflows, for example, in CI/CD for deployment testing and IDEs for testing during development.

Data quality issues should be addressed before deploying the code

Most data quality issues are bugs in the code that processes data, and applying a proactive, shift-left approach is the most effective way to achieve high shipping velocity and data quality simultaneously.

Lack of metadata (data about data) is the biggest gap in the data engineering workflow.

We bring powerful tools such as data diffing and column-level lineage to every data engineer’s workflow to help them validate the code and underlying data and fully understand the dependencies in complex data pipelines.

We're an all-remote global team

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We're an all-remote global team

founder & ceo
Gleb Mezhanskiy
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Alex Morozov

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Datafold is used by data teams at Patreon, Thumbtack, Substack, Angellist, among others, and raised $22M from YC, NEA & Amplify Partners.

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