Prevent bad code deploys with automated testing in CI

Know exactly how the data will change with your code updates to identify any unexpected regressions—before deploying to production. Works out of the box with dbt, Airflow, or any git repository containing data transformation code.


Data testing as part of the workflow

Integrate data testing into your development workflow with GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket, and Azure DevOps integrations. See the impact of your change right in the pull request. Prevent regressions and streamline pull request reviews.

"Datafold is a game-changer— there is so much value in actually understanding the effect of your pull request.”
Josh Devlin, Analytics Engineer

Prevent errors from entering your data pipeline

Move your data quality "to the left" as you stop the data incidents before they begin. See how any code change in the ELT or BI code affects the resulting data, all the way down to the value-level.

“Datafold is the missing piece of the puzzle for data quality assurance. When I first heard about Datafold, all I could think was “Finally!”
David Wallace at Dutchie
David Wallace, Sr. Data Engineer

Explore dependencies with ease

Assess the effect of any proposed code change on other datasets, BI dashboards and ML models using Datafold's integrated column-level lineage. Avoid unexpected regressions and silent breakages.

"Column-level lineage gives a holistic view of data dependencies and interdependencies. It’s so powerful - with even more insight than table-level lineage - I get really excited about what it can do!"
Maura Church, Director of Data Science

Easily test every code change from every data producer

Data engineers, analysts, and scientists can all test their code the same way. Streamline code review processes knowing that every code change has been tested and checked for consistent data quality assurance.

“Datafold gives us full confidence when we ship changes into production, which historically I couldn’t say about PRs.”
David Wallace at Dutchie
David Wallace, Sr. Data Engineer