Data quality is your moat, this is your guide.

Fortify your data, fortify your business: Why high-quality data is your ultimate defense.

The work continues: Iterating on your data quality initiatives

Published May 28, 2024

We’ve invested significant time and resources into drawing together different perspectives from practitioners and case studies into a unified data quality framework. While we strongly believe in the core principles of that form the three pillars of data quality–proactive, automated, and fostering culture within and outside of data teams–we know that the specific ways we implement these will look different over time, in lockstep with different tools and challenges that will emerge. 

But whether it's refining existing data quality metrics, enhancing automation processes, or integrating new tools and technologies, the goal remains the same: to ensure that data remains accurate, reliable, and actionable for decision-making. Hence, the quest to pursue data quality continues. Iterating on your organization’s data quality initiatives, no matter which level of maturity you start off with, requires a commitment to fostering a culture of continuous improvement. 

The work continues, time to create your own destiny!

If the journey seemed daunting and the path unclear, we hope that this guide has lightened your load. Come revisit us whenever you need a practical reference for implementing new concepts learnt; a technical roadmap for applying them to your codebase (check out the Further Reading section for great resources on that); and a strategic blueprint to sell stakeholders on your team can progressively improve data quality practices and lead the charge on increasing organizational awareness on how data quality impacts business outcomes more broadly. We’re here to work alongside you in building stronger foundations for quality data, to enable each of us to build better moats for our businesses.