Customer Engineer

San Francisco / Remote

What we are building

Datafold is a data observability platform that helps Data teams move faster and with higher confidence by automating data quality analysis, monitoring, and common repetitive tasks in data engineering workflow. It’s a category-defining product in a rapidly growing data domain.

As businesses increasingly rely on Analytics and Machine Learning, Data teams are facing unprecedented complexity of data and infrastructure. Lack of visibility into data quality and performance of data pipelines causes massive inefficiencies and costly business mistakes. You can read more about our vision and our view of the data ecosystem in our blog.

If you are not very familiar with the data domain, the nature of our product is similar to APM tools such as Prometheus, Datadog and New Relic: we collect and integrate metadata about our customers data infrastructure, pipelines and datasets and provide valuable insights.

Our product has been rapidly evolving and is already regularly used by over 100 data professionals from companies including Patreon and Thumbtack.


We are a highly technical team with deep expertise in the Data domain: our founders built real-time telemetry systems and scaled some of the world’s largest data platforms at Autodesk and Lyft. Our company is backed by top-tier investors including YCombinator & NEA.

Now is a unique time to join our team since, on the one hand, we already have great momentum behind us –product, customers, investors, funding – but on the other hand, there is so much ahead and so many opportunities for the early team members to shape our product, technical stack, and culture.

Since the very beginning, our team has been remote & working from multiple continents and time zones. We value strong work ethics, honesty, and a growth mindset and are looking for mature and well-organized professionals who are excited about building a new and innovative product that will redefine how organizations use data.


You will be helping our customers unlock the full potential of Datafold by integrating our solutions with their infrastructure (including data warehouses, ETL & BI tools, code repositories, etc.). You will also act as a thought partner and solutions architect to help our users improve their productivity and data quality by automating their existing workflows with Datafold.

Your responsibilities

  • Work with customers evaluating Datafold to help them successfully deploy, integrate & adopt our product in their workflows
  • Identify the blockers for customers in adopting Datafold and overcome them through building solutions, creating content, educating the users and working with our team
  • Work with existing customers to identify and build new features that meet their business needs
  • Serve as the primary, ongoing technical point of contact for our users
  • Provide thought leadership to our customers, our team and the broader Data community on the best ways for doing high-quality data engineering by creating content, leading demos, participating in discussions & conferences


  • Data/Analytics Engineering experience
  • Fluency with SQL and at least intermediate knowledge of Python
  • Strong understanding of the modern data stack & cloud infrastructure
  • Excellent communication skills and experience working with customers
  • A user-first mindset, and an interest in talking with customers to make sure we’re building a high quality product that meets their needs

Get Started

To get Datafold to integrate seamlessly with your data stack we need to have a quick onboarding call to get everything configured properly

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