Announcing Bitbucket + Azure DevOps Integrations in Datafold

Datafold is excited to announce two new cod repository integrations for the Datafold Cloud experience: Bitbucket and Azure DevOps (ADO). With these new integrations, users of Bitbucket and ADO can integrate Datafold Cloud—and data diffing—directly into their CI process, giving them greater visibility into their code changes and expediting the PR (pull request) review process.

How it works

Like the GitHub and GitLab integrations in Datafold, when users open a PR for their dbt or other transformation code work, Datafold Cloud will automatically add the Datafold CI comment to the Bitbucket/ADO PR. With the Datafold CI comment, PR openers and reviewers unlock visibility into:

  • A summarized view on how the data differs between the dev and prod version of the model(s) they modified
  • Any potential data changes on downstream tables/models
  • Any potentially changed downstream data app assets like Looker, Tableau, Hightouch, or Mode

If further investigation into the data changes are necessary, users can simply click into the Datafold Cloud link provided in the comment to take them to the Datafold Cloud app, where they can easily filter on specific primary keys, analyze the data profiles between dev and prod, and share diff results with other team members.

When data teams integrate data diffing directly in their CI process, we’ve seen how teams gain newfound confidence in their data work, find unforeseen data quality issues faster, and prevent bad data from ever entering their production pipelines.

To see these integrations in action, check out this sample PR in Azure DevOps!

If you’re a Bitbucket or Azure DevOps team who has been wanting to add greater governance and testing to your dbt deployment process, Datafold Cloud now seamlessly integrates with your git repository.

Getting started

To learn more about Datafold and these new integrations, check out the following resources:

Happy diffing!

Datafold is the fastest way to validate dbt model changes during development, deployment & migrations. Datafold allows data engineers to audit their work in minutes without writing tests or custom queries. Integrated into CI, Datafold enables data teams to deploy with full confidence, ship faster, and leave tedious QA and firefighting behind.

Datafold is the fastest way to test dbt code changes