Announcing support for Oracle in Datafold

We’re excited to announce support for Oracle in Datafold, so you can perform data diffs across and within your Oracle instance.

Why we’re supporting Oracle

Over the past year, we have spoken with numerous data teams who are in the process of transitioning from their legacy/on-prem databases like Oracle to more modern data infrastructure built on top of cloud technologies. Throughout these conversations, we have consistently heard about the pain points associated with such migrations, including technical difficulties validating a migration, planning and identifying migration assets, and earning stakeholder sign-off.

Datafold is proud to support a migration toolkit that enables teams to move to a modern data stack faster (and with greater confidence). These features include:

  • Cross-Database Diffing: Run data diffs across SQL databases to validate the parity of data fast (seconds/minutes), at any scale. Receive value-level differences across tables, so your team can identify and resolve potential issues quickly.
  • SQL Translation: Translate your SQL queries with the click of a button. Spend 0 time on rewriting SQL and looking up SQL dialect nuances.

With our new Oracle integration, your team can validate a migration from Oracle to a newer system more efficiently using our powerful cross-database diffing capabilities.

Datafold's efficient data diffing algorithm works at scale, enabling your team to validate the parity of tables with millions or billions of rows in a fraction of the time it would typically take.

The value-level differences of a DIM_ORGS table in Oracle and Snowflake

Additionally, if your team is conducting ongoing data replication or reconciliation between Oracle and another database, Datafold's cross-database diffing and monitoring capabilities can help ensure data parity. This provides data teams with unparalleled visibility into your data reconciliation efforts.

How to get started

If your team is undergoing a migration off of Oracle, or wants to gain visibility into the performance of your data replication efforts, make sure to reach out to our team today to learn more about how cross-database diffing can help you gain data quality peace of mind.

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Datafold is the fastest way to test dbt code changes