Data Quality Meetup #8

Host: Gleb Mezhanskiy

Guests/Speakers: Lindsay Murphy, Jared Noynaert, Sonal Goyal, Ali Khalid and Will Sweet.

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Improving Data Quality at Maple

By:  Lindsay Murphy, Director of Data & Analytics at Maple

Learn from Lindsay Murphy, Director of Data & Analytics at Maple, about data testing and data quality at

During this talk, Lindsay covers:

1. Early Data Quality at Maple

2. Maple's Data Quality Journey

3. Continuing to Improve Data Quality

Defense in Depth: Data Quality at Crane

By: Jared Noynaert, Vice President of Data & Analytics at Crane Worldwide Logistics

Understand how a leading logistics company, Crane Worldwide Logistics considers Data Quality and Data Testing.

Jared, Vice President of Data & Analytics at Crane, discusses:

1. Overview of his team

2. Motivations for Data Quality - and why it matters to the business

3. How his team approaches solving for Data Quality & Data Testing

4. Examples of how to apply modern data quality & data testing practices

Entity Resolution: Needs & Challenges

By: Sonal Goyal, Co-founder at

Sonal Goyal, co-founder of, joins us to speak about how her company is enabling customer 360 platforms through their proprietary use of Entity Resolution.

Sonal's discussion consists of:

1. Challenges surrounding creation of customer data platforms

2. An overview of Identity / Entity Resolution

3. How can help

4. How works - open source ML framework

Scaling Data Quality: CI Pipelines

By:  Ali Khalid, Creator & Author of

Ali Khalid, creator and author of, joins the Meetup to discuss Scaling Data Quality with CI Pipelines.

Ali's talk consists of:

1. Data Quality Challenges for Data Engineers

2. A double-click on CI Pipelines

3. How to leverage CI Pipelines to drive Data Quality

dbt & Data-Diff

By:  Will Sweet, Head of Data & Product Experience at Datafold

Will Sweet, Head of Data & Product Experience, at Datafold - joins the Data Quality Meetup to soft-launch our open-source dbt integration.

He uses this time to discuss:

1. Introduce our open-source data-diff integration with dbt

2. The value prop

3. How it works: Combining data-diff with dbt

4. A Demo

Data Quality Meetup

To see a full recording of the Data Quality Meetup, you can watch from our YouTube Channel - link below.

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