Folding Data #7

Does anyone else get frustrated when people use the words "analysis" and "insight" interchangeably? Yes, we want organizations to be committed to data-driven decision-making, drawing upon actionable insights to move the business in the right direction. But sharing a great dashboard isn’t providing valuable insight - it is a powerful analysis that can speed up your insights.

That said, all the buzz around NASA’s InSight featured in the interesting read below makes me forgive all the weird insight puns as we find out what’s inside Mars. Now that’s a cool data project!

An Interesting Read

InSight is the ultrasensitive seismometer on the surface of Mars, recording data on all the ‘marsquakes’ and what it tells the scientists about the composition of the planet. Not only do we now understand more about Mars, but experts can also update their theories about the formation of all rocky planets. With data only available from a single location, it’s intriguing to see just how much, ahem, insight the scientists could draw from their analysis.

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The 9 Best Tools for Data Quality in 2021

9 best tools for data quality

While perfect data is not achievable, some tools in the Modern Data Stack can help you boost your organization's data quality. In this article, we broke down some of the best data quality tools and how they facilitate quality data at every step.

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It’s time for another Data Quality meetup on August 26th. With speakers from companies including Truebill, AppFolio,,, and Lightdash, we are confident that you’ll learn interesting ways to tackle your data dilemmas. Plus it’s just great to get the data community together to chat, network, and connect.

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This week’s joke is an important reminder that you never truly know the monsters that lurk beneath the surface of your data lake. Nothing is quite as terrifying as seeing “final” in any file name.

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