Folding Data #37

The day you stopped breaking your data

In the recent edition of the Analytics Engineering Roundup, dbt Labs CEO Tristan Handy writes, “Rather than building systems that detect and alert on breakages, build systems that don’t break.”

We totally agree, like a lot!

This sentiment is largely the driving force behind Datafold, to give data/analytics engineers the tools to make better engineering decisions. We should be able to know the impact of what we ship and deal with data quality issues proactively in the pull request not in production.

We also believe that engineers should be aware of how their changes impact downstream tooling being built on top of the warehouse such as data activation. And for that check out our new Hightouch Integration and see Mary’s detailed Hightouch + Datafold walkthrough complete with 5 different colors of highlighting!

Stop Breaking Data

Interesting read: Modern Data Teams Hub

The data space has come a long way the past few years and many have written about it on their company's blog, their own substack, or on medium. Don’t you wish someone aggregated all the best articles in one place? Well… the ever awesome Emilie Schario has done just that creating a repository of over 50 excellent posts.

All the Resources!

Tool of the week: Rill

Working with data is challenging for many reasons, not least of which is having to wait for queries to run, visualizations to load, and oops meant to add another filter – re-run query…

Rill brings a fresh approach with a UX that is lightning fast, everything you touch instantly updates. Beyond looking cool and feeling fun to work with these tight feedback loops help build intuition around the data you are working with which facilitates exploration and understanding. Not that we needed another BI tool but this one is pretty cool.

BI with Instant UX

Before You Go

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