Hightouch Integration

Datafold now seamlessly integrates with Hightouch to show how changes to a dbt model will impact Hightouch models and syncs. 

Hightouch is a data activation product that helps companies push data from their warehouse to operational systems such as:

  • CRMs
  • SaaS Applications
  • Ad tooling
  • and much more

Ensuring that high quality data reaches Hightouch is important because this data can be used to determine who gets what email, what the customer experience is like in an app, or which ads get more budget.

Datafold’s integration with Hightouch allows Analytics Engineers to see how every sync and model is connected to their column level lineage graph:

Or see if a dbt model update might impact their Hightouch model or sync - directly within their pull request:

  • Spend less time on QA – see the full scope of changes without writing a single line of code
  • Avoid accidental mistakes
  • Accelerate code reviews – since the reviewer can quickly assess the impact of your change on Hightouch models and syncs, it's much easier for them to review it.

If you want to confidently develop your dbt models connected to Hightouch, look no further. Datafold is committed to providing testing and visibility throughout your data stack and pipelines.

If you are using Hightouch give us a shout!

Datafold is the fastest way to validate dbt model changes during development, deployment & migrations. Datafold allows data engineers to audit their work in minutes without writing tests or custom queries. Integrated into CI, Datafold enables data teams to deploy with full confidence, ship faster, and leave tedious QA and firefighting behind.

Datafold is the fastest way to test dbt code changes