Announcing support for MySQL in Datafold

We’re excited to announce support for MySQL in Datafold, so you can perform data diffs across and within your MySQL instance.

With our new MySQL integration, your team can validate a migration from MySQL to a newer system more efficiently using our powerful cross-database diffing capabilities.

What the MySQL integration looks like

Over the past six months, the Datafold team has talked to many data teams undergoing large scale migrations from their previous systems, like MySQL, to more modern cloud warehouses like Snowflake. Whenever we talk to these teams, the sentiment is clear: data migrations are taxing projects that require too much time, money, and manual work to make sure they go as expected. One pain has regularly stood out from these conversations: ensuring parity of tables between source and target databases.

Which is why we’re excited to add MySQL as an integration within Datafold Cloud.

Datafold supports a migration toolkit that enables teams to move to a new data stack from MySQL faster (and with greater confidence). These features include:

  • Cross-Database Diffing: Run data diffs across SQL databases to validate the parity of data fast (seconds/minutes), at any scale. Receive value-level differences across tables, so your team can identify and resolve potential issues quickly.
  • SQL Translation: Translate your SQL queries with the click of a button. Spend 0 time on rewriting SQL and looking up SQL dialect nuances.

Datafold's efficient data diffing algorithm works at scale, enabling your team to validate the parity of tables with millions or billions of rows in a fraction of the time it would typically take.

The MySQL integration in Datafold enables your team to quickly validate the quality of your migration, fast, and earn stakeholder sign-off quicker.

Value-level diffs of a table across MySQL and Snowflake

Also, if your team is replicating data across MySQL and another database, for data reconciliation or reliability purposes, Datafold’s cross-database diffing and Monitors allow you to perform data diffs across systems on a scheduled basis. Receive alerts to Slack or email when a lack of parity is detected between systems, and develop unparalleled transparency into your data replication pipelines.

Diff monitor history of a table between MySQL and Snowflake

How to get started

Whether your team is planning a migration, in the middle of one, or seeking to monitor the performance of your data replication pipelines, reach out to our team today to discover how cross-database diffing is accelerating the way teams perform data reconciliation.

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