Datafold is now available on Azure Marketplace

Datafold is excited to announce that we are now available to purchase on Azure Marketplace. This enables data teams looking to automate testing for their dbt projects, migrations, and ongoing data reconciliation efforts using their pre-committed Azure spend—making data quality testing more accessible than ever.

We understand the increasing challenge data teams are facing to secure budget and acquire the necessary tools to meet business demands. By partnering with robust platforms like Azure, companies ensure long-term adaptability, scalibility, and success. In addition, when companies commit to and invest in Azure, they gain the flexibility to purchase third-party software through the Azure Marketplace, which contributes to their committed spend levels.

For companies evaluating data quality tools, who may be restrained by budget restrictions, utilizing pre-committed cloud spend can be a solution. Datafold is now one such tool that can be procured using an existing Azure spend commitment, requiring little to no additional budget or approval process.

To find out more, get in touch with our team.

Datafold is the fastest way to validate dbt model changes during development, deployment & migrations. Datafold allows data engineers to audit their work in minutes without writing tests or custom queries. Integrated into CI, Datafold enables data teams to deploy with full confidence, ship faster, and leave tedious QA and firefighting behind.

Datafold is the fastest way to test dbt code changes