Data Quality Meetup #9: Running dbt at scale

Host: Gleb Mezhanskiy

Guests/Speakers: Emily Riederer, Felix Kreitschmann, Jorrit Posor, Alexandra Gronemeyer, Jason Jones and Sung Won Chung

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"Column Name Contracts with dbt"

By: Emily Riederer, Senior Manager of Analytics & Data Science at Capital One

During this talk, Emily covers:

1. The need for latent communication in the data stack

2. How column-name contracts provide just-in-time context

3. Using dbt to build scalable, resilient data pipelines with column-name contracts

"Supercharging Analytics Engineers: Balancing technical alignment & speed by converting CI checks"

By: Felix Kreitschmann, Senior Product Manager and Jorrit Posor, Data Engineering Tech Lead @ FINN Auto

During this talk, Felix and Jorrit cover:

1. The (De)Centralization Tradeoff - balancing technical alignment & speed across the organizational structure

2. The (De)Centralization Tradeoff - automated CI checks for technical alignment and speed

3. Code Quality, Code Validity, Lineage & Policies

"Running dbt at scale"

By: Alexandra Gronemeyer, Lead Analytics Engineer @ Airbyte

During this talk, Alexandra covers:

1. Data @ Airbyte

2. Growing Pains

3. Scaling dbt

4. Lessons Learned

5. What's next

"Zero - 200: Scaling analytics engineering within an enterprise"

By: Jason Jones, Analytics Engineering Manager @ Virgin Media O2

During this talk, Jason covers:

1. Virgin Media & O2's merger

2. How we approached dbt adoption

3. How our strategy informed decision-making and

4. Scale first then mature

5. Speed vs. best practice

6. Key takeaways from our journey

The full recording of Data Quality Meetup#9: Running dbt at scale

To see a full recording of the Data Quality Meetup, you can watch from our YouTube Channel - link below.

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