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Registration Now Open for Our 5th Data Quality Meetup

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We love to bring the data community together to learn from exceptional teams at innovative companies. Our previous Data Quality Meetups have included talks from Lyft, Shopify, Thumbtack, Spotify, dbt Labs, and more! We are finalizing our speaker signups, but you can already register for the event taking place in four weeks.

Have a great idea for a talk? Check out our speaker guidelines and you can submit a proposal to

Save my spot on August 26th 🗓️

An Interesting Read

If you aren’t subscribed to The Economist’s Off the Charts, you’re missing out on some interesting insight into data journalism. As all data engineers and analysts move towards becoming data storytellers (yes, we’ve seen those job descriptions popping up at some companies), it can be intriguing to see how data visualization is considered by people telling global stories. Plus, who doesn’t love a cool map?

📊 Show Me the Beautiful Data 🌏

So Why is Lightdash Intriguing?

If you read last week’s newsletter, you’ll remember that I highlighted Lightdash as a BI tool to watch. I had a whole lot more to say about it, which you can read in my latest blog. But for the TL;DR - Lightdash is an open-source alternative to Looker that natively integrates with dbt. Check out my latest blog on why Lightdash + dbt can be a big deal for data quality, leading the modern data stack movement.

🤔 Tell Me About the Open Source Looker 👀

Before You Go

Did you know that Datafold has a YouTube channel? Check it out to see recordings from our Data Quality Meetup, demos, and walkthrough videos, as well as cool new stuff coming soon. Be sure to subscribe!

Considering we shared so much about BI and data visualization, it’s probably a good idea to remember this joke as we close out our newsletter.


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