Folding Data #4

The following image was shared in the Locally Optimistic Slack and all we can wonder is if all analysts are secretly unicorns. Where do you think you fall in this diagram?

A graph showing an axis of Extract, Load, Transform, Analytics, Operationalize against technical and business with the roles that fall along these axes.

An Interesting Read

As more companies strive to be data-driven (or at least make this claim), it’s increasingly clear to anyone building a data team that this doesn’t always mean the same thing across every department. So many comments in here to make you cringe, so prepare to hear things that are painfully familiar and enjoy the laugh - as well as some great insights and ideas!

Building a data team at a mid-stage startup: a short story

The State of Data Quality in 2021

Wondering if you’re ahead or behind the trend when it comes to data quality? Find out where other companies stand in our State of Data Quality 2021 blog and see if you’re actually ahead of the curve with your modern data stack. Or at least get the ammo that you need to escalate the issue with the powers that be - you never know how powerful peer pressure can be until you show survey results to your leadership team.

Show Me the Data 👀

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