Folding Data #24

This is our last Folding Data of 2021. I hope that I've been adding more value than noise to your inbox 😉. The final issue of the year brings together top (most clicked-on) stories, talks, and tools.

Interesting Reads: Catch up on 7 articles you might have missed

Every week, we’ve shared an interesting read. These got the most attention from our readers in 2021:

Top 10 tools of 2021

Similarly, we shared interesting tools each week. These are the ones that seemed to get you all the most excited:

Best by Datafold in 2021

Here are posts & talks by Datafold that you might enjoy.

We also had a blast working with our customers. Huge thanks to the data teams at Patreon & Dutchie for sharing their journeys to better data!

Featured Data Quality Meetup Lightning Talks

We hosted four Data Quality Meetups this year with amazing contributions by the Data leaders from the industry, open-source, and vendor community. Here are the featured ⚡️talks of 2021:

All the memes that are fit to print

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