Folding Data #18

An Interesting Read: Gartner’s Hype Cycle for Data Management

Starbucks isn't going anywhere amid the explosion of Third Wave coffee shops. Although professional data communities in Slack such as dbt and Locally Optimistic have become amazing hive minds that form ideas, best practices, and vendor advice, Gartner's reports are certainly not to be ignored. Their Hype Cycle for Data Management report is a true long read (140 min!) which is great for a rainy autumn Sunday with a cup of tea.

Gartner’s Hype Cycle for Data Management

Tool of the Week: Malloy

If you've been curious what Looker founders were up to after the Google acquisition, apparently, they've been working on Malloy, a "language for describing data relationships and transformations" which is their humble way of saying it aims to replace SQL for a bulk of analytical and data engineering work. Given how dominant SQL continuous to be in the data domain and how many products and teams have cut their teeth trying to abstract or replace it, this is certainly an ambitious idea. However, Malloy's open-source nature, focus on addressing clear pain points of SQL while maintaining interoperability (it compiles to SQL, among other things) and being driven by the creators of one of the best BI tools makes it a technology definitely worth following.

Check out Malloy on GitHub ✨

An Interesting Watch: Tina Huang on YouTube

Whether you’re new to working as a data professional, or you’ve been working in the field for years, Tina Huang’s videos raise important questions and can be helpful on your journey (or help you give effective advice to others asking you "so, how do I become a data scientist/engineer?). If you haven’t heard of her before, Tina has worked as a data scientist for one year, sharing her journey. She highlights why you should or should not be a data scientist, how to balance full-time work with studying, and even interview tips. It’s fresh and engaging content that might shift your perspective as a data practitioner.

Watch “What nobody told me about being a data scientist”
data quality meetup-oct-2

Last Chance! Register Now for Data Quality Meetup #6

Register now for our virtual Data Quality Meetup. I can’t wait to hear the lightning talks from data leaders from Yelp, Patreon, Convoy, and Lightdash. This is our last Data Quality Meetup for the year, and you don’t want to miss it! Register now for free, and join in from around the world.

Register free for DQM #6 on October 28th 🗓️

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