Folding Data #17

An Interesting Read: Questions to Prep for Your Next Interview

If you’re part of this great labor shift, often called the “Great Resignation”, you might be looking for your next perfect opportunity. For some, perfect may mean a strong brand with a huge data team. For those who see themselves among scrappy and truth-seeking data teams, I'd recommend looking for the most active companies in the dbt and Locally Optimistic Slack groups. When it comes to interviewing, I've seen so many candidates fail not on their hard skills or values, but on "analytical thinking" interviews. To prep for those, I would recommend How to Measure Anything (if you are into the philosophy of analytics 🤓), Lean Analytics (a couple-hours read 🏎) and, finally, if you only have 5 minutes to prepare, click the button below 😉

Top 40 data interview questions

Tool of the Week: Vizzu

As Benn Stancil recently pointed out, one can never be satisfied with their data visualization capabilities. And if you are really into Hans Rosling's kind of storytelling, this neat library for creating animated visualizations may be your cup of tea.

Check out Vizzu on GitHub ✨
data quality meetup-oct-2

Register Now for Data Quality Meetup #6

Register now for our virtual Data Quality Meetup. I can’t wait to hear the lightning talks from data leaders from Yelp, Patreon, Convoy, and Lightdash. This is our last Data Quality Meetup for the year, and you don’t want to miss it! Register now for free, and join in from around the world.

Register free for DQM #6 on October 28th 🗓️

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