Data Diff

1-click regression testing for ETL

Verify data changes across billions of rows

1-click regression testing for ETL
points monitoringpoints monitoring
Regression Testing

100% test coverage for data

Data Diff helps you avoid regressions in ETL by showing you how data changes across all rows and columns when you modify code or copy data between systems

Git & CI Integration

Automate data QA

Integrate Datafold in your repo, CI & code review process to protect your codebase from breaking changes

Git integration
git points
Use cases

Automated QA

Increase reliability of your data transfers and data transformation workflows

Regression testing
See how changes in your code affect the produced data
use cases
Code Reviews
Eliminate errors and accelerate team velocity
Data transfer validation
Ensure consistency when copying data between databases
ETL Migrations
Easily detect and reconcile differences when migrating ETL to a new data warehouse
Best Practices

From 0 to 100% test coverage for your ETL

Data Diff gives you visibility into all changes introduced by code modification or data transfer without requiring you to write test cases manually

Scales with your data

Work with billion-row tables

Minimizes costs through sampling

Volume-neutral pricing

Enterprise ready

Deployment in <30 min

Integrates with SSO providers

Security & Privacy compliant

Immediate Impact

Save hours per weeks

Minimize risk

Increase team velocity


Missing puzzle in your data stack

Datafold seamlessly plugs in all major SQL data warehouses and ETL tools