column-level lineage

Plug and play column-level lineage in your modern data stack

See exactly where your data is coming from and going toin seconds

Get big picture perspective and granular understanding

Used in production by the most data-driven companies
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fast DATA Diagnosis

Troubleshoot in seconds, not hours

“Not just as a data leader, column-level lineage gives confidence in the whole system. If my stakeholders ask “why is this dashboard out of date?” I can answer in 25 seconds instead of digging through PRs for hours. As a product owner, I can understand how the rest of the company makes decisions based on the data we produce. It brings data confidence and visibility to the company.”

Maura Church

Director of Data Science

Easy to trace upstream and downstream

Intuitive UX across unlimited columns

Use a seamless UI to switch from table to column-level lineage, hone in on the columns you need to see, or dive into the SQL code that determines how the data flows. See across your data pipeline at the most granular level, whether accessing tens, hundreds, or thousands of tables.

Bring Your Own Lineage

Take lineage with you with a GraphQL API

Enjoy Datafold's UI or plug column-level lineage in your data catalog of choice. Our GraphQL API makes it easy to integrate with Amundsen & Data Hub.

Data Pipeline Understanding

Keep the right person in the loop and avoid nasty surprises

With column-level lineage you can see exactly how your changes could impact upstream or downstream tables or dashboards. Know exactly which stakeholders to inform about potential shifts.

use cases

Build confidently with column-level lineage

Pipeline exploration
  • Easily trace upstream & downstream dependencies for any dataset in your warehouse.

  • Visualize and explore how data flows through the pipeline.

Impact analysis for data migrations
  • Identify all the tables and columns that must be migrated or deprecated and which affected downstream teams should be alerted.

  • Monitor adoption of the post-migration pipelines.

  • Save time, reduce cost, & avoid risk in large data-migration projects.

Data catalog
  • Ensure data privacy by tracking columns that contain PII data throughout the pipeline.

  • Understand where the tables derive their data from in minutes with a bird’s eye view of table linkages.