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Datafold is solving the chaos of data engineering
It seemed so simple. A small schema issue in a database was wrecking a feature in the app, increasing latency...
Launch HN: Datafold (YC S20)
Hi HN! My name is Gleb. I'm here with my co-founder Alex to tell you about our company Datafold...
Data Fold: Quality assurance & monitoring for analytical data
Datafold simplifies data QA by enabling instant table comparison and profiling

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Founder & CEO
Gleb Mezhanskiy
Gleb has led Data Science and Product areas at companies of all stages. As a founding member of the Data team at Lyft, he built essential tools for data discovery, ETL development, forecasting, and anomaly detection
Co-founder & CTO
Alex Morozov
A nuclear physicist by training, Alex has served as a CTO at numerous startups and brings in over 15 years of experience in delivering sophisticated software systems across Data, IoT, Embedded, and Communications