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Reduce the number of data quality incidents that make it into production by 10x.

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Trusted by leading data teams
PROACTIVE data quality

Data doesn't have to break

Prevent data outages by identifying and fixing data quality issues before they get into production.
data diff

1-click regression testing for ETL

Go from 0 to 100% test coverage of your data pipelines in a day. Know the impact of each code change with automatic regression testing across billions of rows.

column-level lineage

See data flows across all pipelines and BI reports

Automate change management, improve data literacy, achieve compliance, and reduce incident response time.

DATA monitoring

Turn SQL queries into smart alerts

Don’t let data incidents take you by surprise. Be the first one to know with automated anomaly detection. Datafold’s easily adjustable ML model adapts to seasonality and trend patterns in your data to construct dynamic thresholds.

data catalog

Know your data & draw insights at a glance

Save hours spent on trying to understand data. Use the Data Catalog to find relevant datasets, fields, and explore distributions easily with an intuitive UI. Get interactive full-text search, data profiling, and consolidation of metadata in one place.


Data reliability platform for the modern data stack

immediate business impact

Proactive data observability benefits every team

Data Producer

  • Deploy with confidence
  • Eliminate toil work
  • Focus on creative tasks
  • Increase productivity

Data Team Manager

  • Prevent data incidents
  • Establish data quality culture
  • Increase team velocity
  • Improve stakeholder trust

Data Consumer

  • Be confident in data
  • Minimize business risk
  • Get dashboards faster

Trusted by high-growth data teams

"Datafold makes it a lot easier to understand the impact of your change on downstream data. The tool is super easy to use and does a great job highlighting exactly where there are differences in your data in a digestible way."
Zachary Baustein
Lead Data Analyst
“Datafold's column-level lineage gives confidence in the whole system. If my stakeholders ask “why is this dashboard out of date?” I can answer in 25 seconds instead of digging through pull requests for hours. As a product owner, I can understand how the rest of the company makes decisions based on the data we produce. It brings data confidence and visibility to the company.”
Maura Church
Director of Data Science
“When everything is correct, Datafold clearly saves time on testing; but when something is wrong or there’s an error, it saves unimaginable amounts of time that would go into finding and fixing bad data.”
Ezgi Ozcan
Product Analyst
"While Datafold is still young and the tool is in its early stage, the foundation of the business is super sound. The core platform is so valuable. Datafold is solving a problem that no one else is trying to solve."
David Wallace
Sr. Data Engineer
"Datafold is a game-changer— there is so much value in actually understanding the effect of your pull request. It gives me the confidence that my code does what I expect it to do."
Josh Devlin
Analytics Engineer

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