data monitoring

Automate metric monitoring

Turn any SQL query into a smart alert in one click

sql interface

Create alerts easily

Turn any SQL query into an alert

ml model

We learn how your data works

Our model adapts to the seasonality and trend pattern in your data to construct dynamic thresholds


Get only meaningful alerts

Adjust sensitivity of anomaly detection or add custom thresholds to achieve best signals to noise ratio


Get notified through convenient channels

Subscribe to alerts through Slack, Email, PagerDuty or custom webhooks

automate data monitoring

Don't let incidents take you by surprise

Datafold watches your data & metrics so that you can focus on advancing the business

Easy setup
  • Create alert from any SQL query

  • Works with any SQL database

  • Intuitive configuration

Enterprise ready
  • Deploys on-prem in < 30 min

  • Integrates with SSO providers

  • Security & Privacy compliant

Immediate Impact
  • Never miss major incidents

  • Focus on creative tasks

  • Increase team velocity

Don’t just take our word for it

See what our customers are saying

"Datafold is a game-changer— there is so much value in actually understanding the effect of your pull request. It gives me the confidence that my code does what I expect it to do"

"Datafold makes it a lot easier to understand the impact of your change on downstream data. The tool is super easy to use and does a great job highlighting exactly where there are differences in your data in a digestible way".

"While Datafold is still young and the tool is in its early stage, the foundation of the business is super sound. The core platform is so valuable. Datafold is solving a problem that no one else is trying to solve".

"Column-level lineage gives a holistic view of data dependencies and interdependencies. It’s so powerful - with even more insight than table-level lineage - I get really excited about what it can do!"

"You can see right off the bat whether your data quality is what you were expecting, and reviewers can see it, too. Now we’re at the rate where we’re automating code reviews, or close to it, on 100 pull requests per month. And this is just the start".

"Datafold compares tables thoroughly within seconds, even at a billion-row scale. Without it, we would need to spend hours writing long SQL scripts to verify our ETL migrations to Airflow".

"We recently started using Datafold at work and I love it. It saves a lot of time and helps me feel more confident about the changes we make to our tables".

"Easy to use, saves a lot of time, and provides a lot of valuable information all in one place!"


The missing puzzle piece in your modern data stack

Datafold seamlessly plugs in all major SQL data warehouses and ETL tools.

immediate business impact

Proactive data observability benefits everyone

Data Developer
  • Deploy with confidence

  • Eliminate toil work

  • Focus on creative tasks

  • Increase productivity

Explore Sandbox
Data Team Manager
  • Prevent data incidents

  • Establish data quality culture

  • Increase team velocity

  • Improve stakeholder trust

Estimate Impact
Business User
  • Be confident in data

  • Minimize business risk

  • Get data faster

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