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Data Catalog

Discover data for every job, understand how it works and how to correctly use it.

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Column-level Lineage

Trace data flows across tables, columns and BI dashboards.


Unified documentation from scattered metadata

Datafold automatically imports and unifies data descriptions from all sources including data warehouses, ELT tools such as dbt and Airflow providing a holistic view with full-text search.

"The Patreon team uses Data Catalog during onboarding so that new analysts or engineers can easily see how tables are built and where the data originates. This results in faster data science onboarding and knowledge transfer.”
Maura Church, Director of Data Science

The shape of your data at your fingertips

No need to run boilerplate SQL just to get basic answers about the dataset. Instantly gauge freshness, completeness, and column distributions with automatically refreshed data profiles.

“I love the search-ability and stats -  I can go into a table and see in this column that 75% of values are true. We get an immediate understanding of the underlying data without running SQL.”
David Wallace, Sr. Data Engineer

Explore dependencies across thousands of tables and columns

Get a high-level overview of your pipelines, zoom in on tables or columns, trace the flow end to end from raw data to BI dashboards. Datafold automatically constructs the field-level lineage graph by parsing every query ever executed in your data warehouses.

“If my stakeholders ask “why is this dashboard out of date?” I can answer in 25 seconds instead of digging through pull requests for hours. It brings data confidence and visibility to the company.”
Maura Church, Director of Data Science

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