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“The Patreon team uses Data Catalog during onboarding so that new analysts or engineers can easily see how tables are built and where the data originates. This results in faster data science onboarding and knowledge transfer.”
Maura Church
Director of Data Science
intuitive ui

See how the data works at a glance

Stop spending time writing boilerplate SQL code just to see row counts, nulls and column distributions. See inside any dataset in seconds.


Sync metadata from dbt and data warehouses

No more scattered docs. Unify documentation and knowledge about the data. Automatically sync definitions from dbt, data warehouses or import through API.

COLUMN-level lineage

See data flows across all pipelines and BI reports

Automate change management, improve data literacy, achieve compliance, and reduce incident response time.

Trusted by leading data teams

Integrations with the entire modern data stack

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